Bucks County Soapstone Company

Soapstone Drainboards


Standard Recessed Drainboard

Recessed drain board carved into soapstone countertops


This recessed drainboard will work great in containing water when washing vegetables or drying your pots and pans.  I even use this area to thaw a frozen steak on.  I just leave the steak wrapped up, turn the saran side down and in 25 minutes wha-laa, a thawed steak, and a cold countertop.




Recessed with 5 runnels

Recessed and runnel drainboards on both sides of the sink.



If you ever had that vapor lock situation under a piece of stemware you will appreciate this system.  The runnels prevent that situation from happening.  This combination drainboard also will move more water than the Standard Recessed.




Wrap around Custom Drainboard

Custom wrap around drainboard




Sometimes you have a need for something a bit more creative and functional.  We will work with you to accommodate.  This application of a wrap around drainboard is obviously very functional.  The entire recessed surface is pitched toward the sink, even though the water won’t rush toward the drain it is contained within the recess.