Bucks County Soapstone Company

Five-Piece Hand Crafted Slab Sinks

Hand Crafted Sinks by Bucks County Soapstone feature tongue and groove joints as our construction method. The bottom of the sink will be tapered toward the drain and the drain hole will fit any manufacturers strainer. We do recommend the Kohler 8801. We offer these sinks in custom sizes or standard sizes. These sinks are also available with the following options.


Slab constructed Slant Front Sink

Slant front sinkYou get a good idea of how nice it is to have a slant front sink by looking at this photo.  The ergonomics of a sink that comes toward you is often overlooked when thinking about a slant front sink.  Think about standing at the sink with a pot full of water, you have an extra 2” of room as you lift and lean back than a straight front affords you.  We build a lot of slant front sinks because they make sense.


Slab constructed Slant Front Sink shown with Scooped top

Scoop and slant front sink


This Slant Front Sink gives you even more lifting grace because of the scooped top.  We started doing this sink with our really historic homes where we were going for the 100 year old look.  It has become very popular with all of our customers.  Notice the recessed and runnels combination drainboard on the right of this sink.


High Backsplash Sink with Slant Front, Boxed out back, offset drain, Arched Top and Lift off lid.

High backsplash sink with offset drain

There really is a lot going on here.  This high backsplash sink is built for those of you who love the look but the plumber has told you having plumbing in an outside wall “will be nothing but trouble”.  Well we have worked this out so both you and the plumber can be happy.  This sink has a boxed out area behind the high backsplash, this allows your plumbing to stay at its traditional location, either coming out of the wall or floor.  The plumber then can install the faucet by accessing the “box out” through the lift off lid at the top of the sink, in this case it is behind the Arched Top.  The faucet is hooked up to the supplies using the stainless steel braided hoses. 
Also notice this sink base is recessed 2” back from the adjacent cabinets.  This allows you to have the sink 1” proud of the sink base and the top of the Slant Front Sink is then flush with the front of the side cabinets.  This is a nice detail to use in a Reproduction Farm Style kitchen or the Real Thing.

Unequal Two Compartment Hand Built Sink

6 piece double bowl sink

High Backsplash Laundry Tub with washboard 

High backsplash laundry sink




This high backsplash Laundry Tub features the same boxed out back as the kitchen sink seen above.  This lid is also easy lift off.  The rest of the specifications are the same as the standard Laundry Tub.


Laundry Tub with washbaord

Laundry sink washboardI know you’re probably thinking, “Who would use a washboard these days?”  I have heard that many times and then when those folks are ready to order the sink I say, “So you want us to build it without the washboard right?”  They always say “Oh no, I want it I think it’s really cool.”  We usually have this sink in stock with the washboards.  They are 20” wide x 25 ¼” front to back and 14 ½ high.  We use a standard kitchen sized drain.  The front of the sink is Slanted which works really well just in-case you would use the washboard.

False Front Apron Sinks

False front soapstone apron sinkJust replacing your countertops?  Want an Apron Front sink without the expensive cabinet modifications?    This sink is the answer to that challenge.  Rather than try the involved and expensive process to modify your cabinet to accept a full 10” high cutout for an apron front sink; we will remove the top rail of your sink base cabinet, remove the false front, measure the distance between the stile (the frame piece that runs north and south), measure the distance from the top of the horizontal rail to the top of the cabinet.  We then build a sink with the standard 10 depth and add a second front (in the shop) that will fill the space previously occupied by the frame piece and the false front.  You now have an apron front sink with no cabinetry modification costs (in most cases).


Hand Built Slant front sink with high backsplash

Pieced slant front sink with high backsplash

This slant front sink is placed on a recessed sink base cabinet allowing the top of the sink to be either flush with the front of the adjacent cabinets or just behind the front.  This gives you a visual break in the run of cabinetry that doesn’t project into the room or become a hip buster.  We like presenting often overlooked  design ideas like this one in the hope it has given you another option to consider.

Customer requested sink

Rollover image of a sloped sided sink and the top view.



Roll over the sink with your mouse to see the top view of this sink.

If you want to have something different due to special site requirements let us know, this customer wanted the high backsplash on the left side and the front of the sink slanted.  We needed to box out the side for plumbing and add a return because the back side would be visible for the first couple inches. No problem.


Triple Bowl Sink

Custom triple bowl sink.


This very cool sink was specified by the customer’s Architect.  As you can see there are three bowls with 2 different depths.  A sink configured like this will require 2 faucets.  Looks like a very country setting right?  It is actually located in beautiful Center City Philadelphia.