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Sink Comparison

This page will give you a “visual” before you make your decision or purchase of a sink before knowing the other options.  It is not my intention to enter an opinion favoring one sink over another, I do want you to have some more information on your side to enable you to make a decision that will keep you happy for years to come. To see the sink comparison, simply roll your mouse over the pictures below to see the different sinks then simply move the mouse off the picture to show the first picture again.

Vegetable sinks

Comparison of a soapstone vegetable sink and a stainless steel sink.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a secondary sink is the size of the sink you choose.  I say no one has ever complained that a secondary sink is too large, but you will definitely notice if it is too small.  That said, there is a limit to the sizes available for this kind of sink that comes off the shelf.  You also are limited by the interior size of the cabinet.  On the other hand when  Bucks County Soapstone makes  the template for your countertop we can measure the inside of your cabinet and make a sink that will fit, I am saying we can make the sink any size, using the whole interior of that cabinet.  Look at the photo with our soapstone secondary sink, this sink is under-mounted just like any other sink.

Undermount sink

Comparison of a Soapstone sink with a stainless steel

Here you see a stainless steel under-mount sink.  We have installed a 1 1/4 “ thick backspash up to the window sill (in this case the sill is soapstone also).  The splashes on each side are ¾” thick and butt into the sides of the thicker splash.    The second photo has a soapstone apron front sink with the same backsplash details.  Both sinks are installed in a stained wood set of cabinets.

Double Bowl Sink

Comparison of a Soapstone Double Bowl Sink to a stainless steel sink


These beautiful soapstone tops have a stainless steel  2 bowl sink, this sink is under-mounted and is installed in a painted set of kitchen cabinetry.  The next photo shows a two compartment soapstone sink with a slanted apron front.  This sink is also set in painted cabinetry.

Porcelain Farm Sink

Comparison of Soapstone and Porcelain Farm Sinks


Here is the white apron front sink many of you are considering, it does contrast with soapstone cabinety and affords you a way to tie in whites to your kitchen asthetics.   The next photo shows one of our Franklin carved front apron sinks with wood cabinetry.  

Bathroom Vanities

Comparison of soapstone and porcelain vanity sinksThis room was incredible, actually the whole house was.  This tan colored under-mount sink works to tie colors together.   This next photo shows one of our round under-mount sinks installed in some incredibly figured wood cabinetry.  The sheen on the stone is due to having been oiled just before snapping the photo.  We do offer our soapstone vanity bowls in different shapes and sizes and they are carved in Perkasie, PA from a solid block of stone.