Bucks County Soapstone Company

Sink Crafting

Our approach to sink building has two avenues.  If you are only making a purchase of a sink we will use your specifications to build the sink.  If on the other hand, we are installing countertops and a sink, we will, when templating your countertops, measure the area your sink will occupy and then build your sink using that information.  If your sink is one of our hand-built sinks, we will use material from the same exact slabs we use for your countertops.  All of this happens in one week from the time we template, so, from template to installation, including building your custom sink, is only one week.

Our sink bottoms are tapered toward the drain.  We use tongue and groove joinery techniques as our construction method.  Each sink is water tested for 12-15 hours before leaving our facility.   Make sure you realize there is a difference in who builds your sink for you.  We operate a special shop with dedicated personnel that are craftsmen in sink building.


Greg Seuren sanding a soapstone sink part


Sink parts are all machined and sanded in preparation for the dry fitting of all parts.  This is my son Greg, I looked forward to the day he could join his sister and I.  Greg has abilities that are well beyond his years.  He has been a part of the team for 3 years now and it is better than I had hoped.




Greg Seuren putting the bottom on a soapstone sink


The bottom of this double bowl sink is set carefully in place.  Notice these bowls are unequal in size.  That is no problem for us, although double bowl sinks are a very small percentage of the sinks we build.




Greg Seuren putting the side on a soapstone sink




The slant front end is locked into the back and bottom of this sink.







Greg Seuren putting on the second side of a soapstone sink



Final slant front end.  Hey, what’s that in the background.  Any guesses?  It is Greg’s first car.  He has taken it all apart, (frame off) and this is where it “hangs out” for the moment. 





Greg Seuren putting the front on the front of a Soapstone Sink


This can be a real finger pincher, the front of the sink has a few tricky cuts when it comes to a slant front sink.  One more piece to go, the center partition.  One difference with our sinks is that dado the bottom as well as the front and back to receive the partition.




Greg Seuren putting the center divider in a Soapstone Sink



Just slide this partition into place, check the joints, make a few marks and we are ready to glue it up.