Bucks County Soapstone Company

Tiles and inlays

Puzzle piece floor.This puzzle floor is on display in our locker room.  We have used 16 different shapes of puzzle pieces to achieve this “fun” floor.  We get the exact configuration of the floor with all the ins and outs, around doors and walls using one of our digitial templating machines.  Once the room was digitized the information was downloaded to our Flow Waterjet.  A water jet is a high pressure cutting machine that blasts it’s way through any material using 60,000 psi.  Greg Seuren uses ArtCam to design this puzzle that will soon become our floor.   Armed with the  outline of the room and the puzzle we were able to start cutting the pieces on the water jet.  Each puzzle tile was numbered and the floor went together like cheating on a puzzle.  For our floor we used 1 ¼” thick slab stock although it can be cut from ½” tiles which we offer in 12 x 12 and 18 x 18 sizes.  There is no limit to the shapes we can cut for you.  People see our place and always say “ you guys really have fun doing your craft don’t you”.  I’m glad they notice, because we really do.




Our showroom floor

The most common thickness of tile is ½”.  We offer this in 18 x 18 and 12 x 12. Soapstone tile can be cut to any desired size with a wet tile saw.  Edges can be finished quickly with a block and sandpaper.

Soapstone tile and radiant heat in your floor are the perfect combination.  The tile will take the heat and slowly radiate warmth into the room.  Soapstone does this more efficiently than your typical stone or tile.



Random floor tile pattern

A random pattern of 12 x18, 6 x 12, 6 x 6, and 12 x 12 looks beautiful.  To accomplish a floor like this you can just purchase a mix of 12 x 12 tiles and 18 x 18.  We have done this in our break room.  (insert of photo) Another popular pattern is a herringbone, for this you can just purchase 12 x 12 tiles and cut them into 6 x 12 pieces.


Indoor or Outdoor applications with thicker material.

If you are in need of thicker tile, say 1 ¼” thick, we can cut these for you or offer them to you as oversized remnants.  These are available by the pallet load if you are looking to do this as a DIY project.  Keep in mind these 1 ¼” pieces can be used indoors and outdoors.