Bucks County Soapstone Company

Why Choose Us?


I have seen that each day, as our talents are pooled together the level of our skills rise.  This is the way to develop skilled craftsmen.  This is what we offer to you, our potential customers.

Bucks County Soapstone is a group of craftsmen first and foremost.  We are not always going to be the bargain and we don’t have that as our purpose.  Excellence is our goal.  Over the years we found excellence is attainable when you surround yourself with talented people, people that care about the product and the process and know how to work as a team.  We operate this way because we believe that quality is what everyone wants but sometimes circumstances make them chose price over quality.  What is not believed is that the results of that decision will be less than they expected and too late to turn back.  An old friend always told me to buy the best and cry once, I really believe that to be wise advice. 
We know that every day our talents are pooled together we have the opportunity to hone each other’s skills and raise the level of craftsmanship we offer to our customers. 

We often hear people say “You guys are that place you stumble upon which stands out from the rest." I can identify with that.  We certainly are off the beaten path.  Yet somehow people from far and wide find us and always appreciate the way we do business.