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Our showroom environment gives you the opportunity to experience soapstone in a charming combination of settings.  We have multiple farmhouse displays from modern to historic, an Irish bar, and a neighborhood penny candy counter. 

You are always welcome to stop in; come see what we can do for you today at our beautiful showroom located at:

415 East Butler Ave, New Britain, PA 18901.
Just South of Doylestown on Business Route 202.

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oapstone is a unique material and we are glad you are taking the time to visit our site to learn more about it.  Over the phone we hear you ask
“what is the difference between soapstone and granite”.

The difference between soapstone and granite is something that is best answered when you are in the presence of soapstone.  A place where you can feel the surface and the edges, where you can see the soothing presence of an understated product.  Soapstone is comfortable with any color, with any texture, so it gives you a freedom you don’t have when you have granite.  Down the road you will want to change some colors in your kitchen and soapstone will allow you to do that without any consideration of having that new color blend with soapstone.  That however is not the case once you have granite, you will always be locked into the color palette contained in the granite you chose.  

The best way for you to get the honest answer to this question is to come see us, visit our showroom see how you feel when you walk in, when you touch the soapstone and see how it works an environment.  

soapstone slabs perkasie paSoapstone Sinks

Countertops; it sounds easy.  A bunch of rectangles assembled together, throw in a sink and faucet and you are set.  That may be fine for some people with some materials but not with soapstone.  This material is so captivating to touch and see, it needs to be worked by the hands of a craftsman.  Once you see what we do with countertops you too will be a big fan. Take some time and view our photo gallery for photos of our beautiful work.

Soapstone Sink Installation

Our soapstone sinks are a natural choice

If you have never beheld one of our soapstone sinks we urge you to do just that before you make any kind of sink commitment.  The beauty and longevity of our soapstone sinks are a natural choice.  We are able to carve a sink from a single block of stone or build a sink that is an exact match to your countertops using our hand-built method which uses pieces of soapstone jointed together with tongues and grooves bonded with epoxy.

Soapstone Kitchen Countertops

Crafting and installing soapstone countertops and sinks daily

Soapstone Countertop Installations

Soapstone and the Delaware Valley is a perfect match.  Our rich history with George Washington sleeping in Inns and homes all through our area when he wasn’t sleeping in his marquee with the rest of his staff during the American Revolution.  We are rich in history and stories.

Stories are retold as you visit the wonderful Historical Societies of Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware Counties.  As wonderful as our history is there are also houses and architecture that boast details featuring soapstone.  The steps going into Independence Hall in Philadelphia are soapstone, those worn in, walked on for a couple centuries steps, dipped in the middle steps that make you wonder who has entered.  Soapstone is always making that kind of contribution to its environment, it has the look and feel of history.  

Doylestown, Bucks County is the home of the Moravian Tile Works, another hand crafted piece of the Delaware Valley that tells a story.  We are often asked to include these tiles into the front of our soapstone sinks or into the range backsplash.  They are the perfect way to represent the history of our storied citizens.

soapstone slabs perkasie paThe woodworking legend George Nakashima whose home base was established in New Hope, PA,  has helped the use of Butterfly Inserts to become an artform.  The craftsmen of Bucks County Soapstone have included butterfly joints into our installations.  Another distinction from stone fabricators.

The most accurate and appropriate material to use in your kitchen, that will tell your home’s story is Buck County Soapstone.   The installation of  Soapstone countertops and sinks fabricated by Bucks County Soapstone Company in Perkasie, PA are the most tactile, touchable and treasured choice you can make for your home.  Soapstone is an understated presence in any environment right up until the moment you touch it.  Once your hand makes first contact you are being drawn to touch it more.  This all can sound like a line, but it is the reality we see every day when visitors come into our showroom.  

Pieced together slant front sink

We hear, “Why would anyone get a different material for their countertops”.  That all depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your choice of countertops.  Friends of soapstone seem to have an abundance of details that express their collective tastes.  In that environment soapstone will be an abiding presence that supports all the other cast members.  Usually the other details aren’t calling for you to touch them but the purpose for soapstone being in the room causes you to touch it and then appreciate and enjoy it.  

Because soapstone has this draw, there are attempts to duplicate its look.  Honestly I can’t figure out why.  When you have something people already love, why would you try to make a man made material.  The biggest problem with man made surfaces is that they are lifeless and predictable.

We have seen soapstone laminate and soapstone quartz products but nothing looks or feels like the real thing especially after installation.  Soapstone slabs are quarried in blocks that weigh in at 30.000 pounds.  These blocks are then sliced into slabs and shipped to Bucks County Soapstone.  Soapstone is a metamorphic rock and it has life to it.  Prior to your countertop installation you will be invited to visit our fabrication shop where you will select the exact slabs of soapstone we will use for your countertops.  Slab selection is a fun process that helps you to picture the final outcome.  Our company offers a pre-selection process where you will have the opportunity to see every slab of soapstone we have in inventory.  Once you have narrowed down you selected slabs we will pull them from inventory and let you touch and view them in all their glory.

Installation day occurs one week to the day after we come to make templates.  This is by far the most exciting day of the process, we anticipate your reaction to the arrival of your soapstone.

If you are looking to draw attention away from a lackluster room in need of a focal point, the beauty of a granite can meet that need.  Just remember, every time you want to change a color or texture in the room you will first have to consult the granite to see if it will get along.  You will be hard pressed to find something that soapstone doesn’t allow you to like with it.
While we are excited to serve towns like, Upper Darby, West Chester, Downingtown, Lancaster Doylestown, New Hope, Perkasie and all the other towns in Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County.  We want you to know we continue to serve the tri state area at large with soapstone countertop installations.  Residents of Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Blue Bell, Quakertown and Media are calling us daily for soapstone countertops, soapstone sinks and other soapstone products that we make right here in Perkasie, PA, in Upper Bucks County.

If your kitchen is in need of a timeless and beautiful kitchen countertop, we invite you to come see us in Bucks County.  We have our beautiful laundry sinks ready for sale and ready to take home today.  We promise you will not be disappointed, the soapstone products we craft will be a source of much conversation over the years.  You will be happy to tell others about your experience with Bucks County Soapstone Company.

Fly in to visit us

You can also arrange to fly in like some of our customers do. Doylestown Airport is only a few miles away from our showroom and we’ll pick you up!

Our Showroom Address is:

415 East Butler Avenue
New Britain, PA 18901

PA License Number: PA6413

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