In 1975 Scott began his cabinetmaking apprenticeship and until 2001 that was what floated his boat.  Over the course of those 26 years the influence of curves, shapes and styles made an impact on his everyday life.  Once soapstone captured his attention it was only a matter of time until the experiences gained as a wood craftsman transferred into the world of soapstone.  The quiet details like those shown in the backsplash behind this sink will make a world of difference over the standard (I really want to say boring) square edge.  Remember that soapstone is a contributor to the overall design, not an imposing element that selfishly demands to be looked at.  Imagine adding a detail like this to your project.




Beaded board wainscot with a beaded 2″ tall backsplash can be just the thing you need to make your space rock.  We not only offer this as a backsplash, imagine having it in your bath or mudroom walls in case you  need to be protected from the occasional wet and messy dog days.

This beautiful kitchen has a 3 1/2 inch tall backsplash with horizontal outlet cutouts coupled with a high range splash with a shelf and 6 recessed panels.  The simple detail of recessed panels takes what could be an overwhelming amount of soapstone and make it a welcome and beautiful design element.  We can also add recessed tiles or 3D carvings to this design to make it even more personal.

vanity-and-tile-in-shower-johnswygert12Vessel sinks create the need for a higher than normal faucet.  We feel the best way to make that look amazing is to have the backsplash close to the same height.  In this case we also felt the recessed panel needed the aesthetic support of a 3/4″ thick cap.  These simple details make all the difference between looking at something and knowing something could have been better and knowing you nailed it!

beaded-backsplashThis 3″ tall backsplsh shows a close up of our beaded top edge.  A square edged splash now just looks like a piece of stone you had leftover and decided to slap it up to be frugal.




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