Hand-Built Sinks

Making a hand-built sink is extremely satisfying to our craftsmen. We are able to build your sink using the same material we are using to build your countertops so they blend right in and look amazing. Our construction methods are carry overs from our days as cabinetmakers. We use tongue and groove jointery and taper all of our sink bottoms toward the drain. Each sink is water tested before it heads to your home and our craftsmen sign the bottom of every sink to further tell the story of your soapstone for years to come. If you have a historic home this is always the construction method we recommend for your sink.




Straight front sink

Still our most popular sink styles are our Hand Built Sinks.  In fact if your home is 150 years old and you have the idea to make your kitchen feel like it could have possibly been “original” we recommend that you select a sink from our Hand Built offerings.


Our method of construction is to make tongue and grooves for all joints combined with a hand ground taper toward the drain on the sink bottom.  If you ever encounter a sink with a flat bottom it is NOT one of ours.  We build these sinks with a straight front or a slant front in any size.  If we are making the countertops for your home we will make your sink with the stone from the same slab as we make your countertop so they will be an exact match.

To compliment your sink we also offer carvings in the sink front, a scooped top edge with simulated wear or a simple recessed panel.  These simple details add the personal touch that separates your kitchen from those magazine or tv show kitchens.

Slant front Sink

You get a good idea of how nice it is to have a slant front sink by looking at this photo.  The ergonomics of a sink that comes toward you is often overlooked when thinking about a slant front sink.  Think about standing at the sink with a pot full of water, you have an extra 2” of room as you lift and lean back than a straight front affords you.  We build a lot of slant front sinks because they make sense.

Slant front sink with scoop and Franklin edge

This Slant Front Sink gives you even more lifting grace because of the scooped top.  We started doing this sink with our really historic homes where we were going for the 100 year old look.  It has become very popular with all of our customers.


Double Bowl Sinks

Double Bowl Sink with Unequal Compartments

Shot 3 Early American Life AD 17 2014 NO Boarders

A rare item these days is a double bowl sink.  This one shows two bowls with unequal compartment sizes.  We also made a lower divider to offer more flexibility of use.  If you have specific requirements like this we are able to accommodate you.  As you can see, choosing one of our sinks to go along with your countertop is exactly that, it goes along with your countertop.  We build your sink from the exact same slab we use to make your countertop so the background color, the vein colors and strengths all relate to each other.  They are exquisite and something to behold.


Double Bowl Sink with Scooped edges


Here is a Slant Front Double Bowl sink with Scooped top edges.  The two bowls shown here are equal in size and the partition is the same height as the sides.  Always remember when we craft your sink all joinery is tongue and groove and the center partition is dadoed into the bottom as well as the front and back of the sink.  It is a lot of work but we have to do it the way it should be done.


Corner Sink

Corner Sink 2Since you love to see the front of your sink why not see the side as well.  A beautiful sink like this allows you to work at it from two sides of your island.  A big thing to keep in mind when you are getting a second sink is not to make it too small.  Time and again I have heard people say they never use the secondary sink.  The reason why, it’s too small to do what I need to do in it.  So when you order the cabinet for this sink, we think its best not to order a base cabinet less than 21” wide although 24” wide is better.  I don’t really remember ever hearing anyone say that their sink was too big.  Usually the only time we get to do a sink like this Corner Sink is when you come see us before you have all your decisions made.  Scott is full of ideas because of his 36 years in the kitchen industry, both as a cabinetmaker/designer and a soapstone artisan.  Let us see what we can come up with to make your kitchen everything you dreamed of and more.


High Backsplash

RetouchedPlumbers usually squash your hopes of ever having a sink like this.  Their rationale is sound, they say you should never put water lines in an exterior wall, the lines will freeze and cost you a lot of money down the road.  With that in mind we set out to make a sink they can embrace and here it is.  First of all we box the back of the sink out so the faucet hook up is easy and the plumbing remains on the living side of the wall.  Now you can use the supply lines just as they are, coming out of the wall down in the sink base cabinet or out of the floor.  Just fasten your faucet through the soapstone back with braided hoses going down to the shut off valves below and tighten them up.  Replace the soapstone cap on the top of the sink and you are in business.  This sink features a slant front, scooped top edge and an arch on the top of the high backsplash.  If you look close you can also see the chip carvings on the cabinet frame is matched on the backsplash.  This is one of the displays we have ready to view in our showroom.  This particular sink base cabinet is recessed back in, more of a traditional look than the bumped out sink cabinets you see today.  


Undermounted Sink without visible apron

We typically see this type of application used for a secondary sink or a bar sink.  The construction and finishing techniques are all identical you just aren’t seeing the front of the sink until you open the cabinet doors.  As you can imagine the only restriction for size of this sink is the amount of space available inside your cabinet.  Even though you don’t see the apron this sink is still able to make a valuable impact on the overall comfortable, welcoming feel in your space.

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