Get an estimate

We want to give you a pretty accurate estimate so if you can just follow the directions we give below that will give us a good chance to do just that.  Okay okay, we aren’t going to cut to these dimensions so they can be close, we are just trying to get you in the ballpark



Step 1

Make a shape sketch of your kitchen countertops, don’t try to be fancy with 3d drawings or anything, just flat rectangles that resemble your countertops like I have shown here.







Step 2

The next step is to measure along all the back walls and write down the dimensions along the back of your countertop drawing where the top comes up against the wall.

Now measure from the front to back of the countertop and write that on the drawing.

Just write Range, Sink, Cooktop where those items are.





Extra Credit

Now for ✪ extra credit ✪ if you can measure to the approx. center of your sink and make a line that looks like this we will be all set.







So the easiest thing to do now is to pull out your phone, take a photo and email it to

Be sure to give us your address, phone and return email.

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