Laundry Tubs

Making a laundry sink the way we do is like stepping back in time. Not only do these creations look like the ones you once saw in grandmom’s house but they are built to higher standards and offer the coolness of a washboard on the interior. This is really nice if you have a little leaguer who always has grass stains on his white baseball pants. Really, why do they make these pants white? Anyway, if you want to class up your mud room or laundry room this will do the trick.

Laundry Tub shown with Unfinished Base (sold separately)

This sink is 20” wide x 25¼” deep and 14 ½” tall.  The bottom dimensions are 20 wide x 22 ¾ deep .  Our sinks are all built with tongue and groove construction a vast improvement from the antique sinks you are accustomed to seeing.  As with every sink we build, the bottom is tapered toward the drain.  Another improvement from the sinks of old is that we make the drain to accept a standard kitchen drain.  That is the major road block to using an old laundry sink, the drains were proprietary to the sink manufacturer and are impossible to find.  As you will see below we offer the interior washboard or scrub board to tackle the grass stains your athlete will surely show up with .

Ahhh, the washboard

If you have ever been the parent of a baseball/softball outfielder you probably have faced the challenge of getting rid of grass stains.  Our washboard along with some elbow grease and soap will make quick work of a grass stain.  Washing your small dog, filling a bucket or watering can, soaking some stained laundry or washing out paint brushes make this sink a very valuable tool for everyday life.  

If you go all practical you can imagine making that small powder room way more functional by removing the vanity or pedestal and replacing it with this beauty.  You can even fill it with ice and keep drinks cold for that special occasion.

Custom High Backsplash Laundry Tub

So you have always wanted a wall faucet

Here is your chance to get the wall faucet you have always wanted.  With our design you don’t even have to move your plumbing.  Just lift off the top lid and attach your faucet through the sink back, add on a couple of braided hoses and tie into your existing water supply lines, connect the drain and you are all set.  The sizes are all the same as the other laundry sinks and the price is $1900.00.  Be sure to give us the specifications for your faucet so we can make the holes for you.


2-Leg Base

Mr. Popular, 2 legs and an apron

Our 2 leg base is very popular as it gives you plenty of room to paint the wall and baseboards even after it is installed.  As you can see there is even room for a baseboard heater.  Just find a stud and put in two screws, if you aren’t lucky enough to hit two studs just use a hollow wall anchor on the other side.  Now put a couple of dabs of silicone on the top of the legs to keep the sink from shifting.  

This base below our laundry tub will put the top of the sink to 36” tall.  We usually have these in stock and ready to go for $275.00 and they are always unfinished pine. 

Dimensions: Width 19″, Depth 22″ and Height 21.5″

4-Leg Base

4 Leg base without a build out to attach to the wall.

We see this base used most often when you have a tile wall and don’t want to drill into the tile to fasten the base.  So the procedure here would be to test fit the base to get is to sit level, mark the bottom of the legs with a pencil and then put dabs of silicone on the bottom of each leg.  Now set the base in place.  You are now ready to set your sink on the base again putting a dab of silicone on the top of each leg to keep the sink from shifting around.  Set the sink on the base and wait until tomorrow to do the plumbing, you need a rest after all that work.  These bases sell for $425.00

4-Leg Base with Build Out

4 leg base with a Build Out

This base is also one we keep in stock and is made to attach to the wall the same as the 2 leg base however it isn’t as vital to hit two studs and use and anchor for the other side.  Since this sink sits on 4 legs you are good with 2 screws into 1 stud, unless you are lucky enough to hit 2 studs.

Just remember when it comes time to paint the baseboard or wall below this sink it may cause you to use some words that you aren’t proud of.  These bases sell for $450.00 and like I said, we usually have them in stock for a quick turnaround.

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