Soapstone Kitchen Countertops in Springfield, PA

soapstone kitchen countertops springfield pa

Why choose Bucks County Soapstone for your kitchen countertops or other surfaces in your home in Springfield?  We know there are many products trying to get your attention, trying to convince you that they have more to offer than all the others.  Soapstone is beautiful and submissive to everything else you have going on in your home.  When you look at a slab of soapstone you can only begin to imagine what this material will do in your home.  Suddenly all the colors you love don’t have to compete with the countertop, nor do they need to blend with the countertop.  Soapstone works beautifully with any color.

Bucks County Soapstone Company is a soapstone only company.  We love it that much.  Scott began his cabinetmaking apprenticeship in 1975 and since then has immersed himself in things that are enduring.  Since 1975 many products have tried to get your attention, many have come and gone, others have comeback from the past.  Soapstone is a product that has made a comeback and has become way more relevant than ever before.  We understand that your first exposure to soapstone may have been in a stone yard where you were trying to think like the masses and get granite.  Many soapstone kitchen countertops springfield pacustomers from Springfield have told us that they looked and looked at granite and weren’t happy and then they stumbled upon this one lone slab of soapstone and said, “what is that, I love that”.  They were told, “oh, that’s a soapstone slab, we really don’t do much with that material”.  From that time they knew what they wanted to see, more slabs of soapstone, soapstone installations, soapstone sinks.  Thankful for the internet and the world wide web, you learn about Bucks County Soapstone and all the products we offer that are made out of soapstone and right in your area.

After your exposure to soapstone you realize the more details and “special effects” your home features, the more suited it is for soapstone.  That being said the simpler and understated your home, the more suited it is for soapstone.  In either case, soapstone is the only material that abides in a room and practically goes unheralded.  It is uncompromisingly beautiful and tactile at the same time as being willing to share the glory with all other details within sight.  The highest praise given to soapstone is the various expressions you give after you touch it.  Even we as veterans find ourselves lured into the feel of the products we create.  If you are looking for an enduring surface, one that will blend with any color, texture or shape we think you owe it to yourself to come and see our showroom.  Once your template date has been scheduled it’s time to select your actual soapstone slabs.  It is also during this visit that you will get the tour of our amazing fabrication facility.  Your drive from Springfield is about an hour and 15 minutes.  That great because it gives you more time to talk about what you just saw on your way back home.

Bucks County Soapstone Company
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