Soapstone Countertops in Upper Darby, PA

soapstone kitchen countertops upper darby pa
If you live in Upper Darby the first thing I remember about your town is that is where I heard Todd Rundgren grew up, he had a song I really liked when I was in high school and it always stuck with me he grew up locally.  Now if you live in Upper Darby and you have a Bucks County Soapstone countertop installed in your kitchen that is something else to remember.  Your friends and family will be just like everyone else that gets close to our products.  First they wonder what it is, then they wonder where you got it and how you heard about soapstone in the first place.  You can tell them your story and we are pretty sure it will sound a lot like the story we have heard told hundreds of times.

Somewhere along your travels you saw soapstone, whether it was at a granite yard where you were trying to be like “everyone” else.    Then again you may have traveled to the General Warren Inne in Malvern to have an incredible dinner and while you were waiting for a table you sat at the bar.  If you pay attention you will see their customers rubbing the edge of the beautiful soapstone bar top installed by the craftsmen of Bucks County Soapstone.  Wherever you first came across our products for the first time, the allure of its tactile feel and warm beauty drew you in.  We are happy that your search has finally led you to the source of the soapstone products that will make your home a place to remember.

Your first visit to Bucks County Soapstone Company in Perkasie, PA will be to our showroom located in the center of town , the address is 515 West Walnut Street.  We are right next to the Historical Society which was originally a trolley station.  You will find diagonal parking in front of our store front.  The store front itself is beautiful with flowers growing in boxes over the windows in season.  Once inside it is like stepping back in time, this is the environment that makes our founder happy.  A penny candy counter built from his memories as a kid, a coffee bar with cool features, carvings and inlays.  This isn’t a place where you just go look at a slab and your kids are bored out of their minds.  Kids get to go behind the candy bar and fill up a bag of their favorites.  There will be a day when you will be selecting your soapstone slabs that will turn into your beautiful countertops and sink but that day isn’t always the first day.  We store all of our slabs at our fabrication shop located 5 miles from the showroom.  We guarantee that is a special trip too.  Once you select your soapstone slabs we will offer to take you on a tour of the workshop.  You will see a quilted wall, a puzzle sink, puzzle tiles on the wall, a rose inlay in a floor using all parts soapstone and much more.  So if you think the hour and 15 minute trip to come up to see us is a hike, just remember you will have that amount of time in the car to talk about all the things you just saw made out of soapstone.

Bucks County Soapstone Company
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