Bucks County Soapstone Company

Getting to Know Soapstone

Soapstone is a natural stone that can be quarried all over the world. Currently Bucks County Soapstone is working with quarries in Brazil. There is a lot of misinformation out there about soapstone so please take a moment to reeducate yourself with some of the things we've come to know and love about soapstone.

Know the facts:

  • Granite enemies: Soapstone does not stain. Soapstone is naturally nonporus and therefore will not stain or harbor bacteria. Want proof? Order a sample and try your best; although I need to warn you, everyone who does this test ends up with Bucks County Soapstone in their home.
  • Soapstone loves heat, you can take those cookies right out of the oven or that pot that is boiling over and set it right down on the countertops. If that's not enough proof, you can even use it as cookware.

  • Want to thaw a steak? Simply lay the steak with the saran side down on your soapstone countertop and in 25 minutes it is thawed like you just picked it up at the butcher shop.
    Unoiled sink with oiled countertops
                  • One of the coolest things about soapstone is that you can have a countertop that is light or you can have a countertop that is dark, not that anyone changes their mind. We have customers who change up different areas, say have a dark countertop (from applying mineral oil) around the perimeter and a light island (from doing nothing). You decide how you want your countertops to look.

                  • Since soapstone is the softest stone we want you to know they can scratch. However, with soapstone many scratches will disappear with a spot application of mineral oil. No other countertop material repairs as easily as soapstone. You make your own “use patina”. We recommend that you just use your countertops like you have used your countertops all of your life, no special cares, no cleaners to worry about. The scratches and marks will blend together to create the look of use, how you use them, how you prefer for them to look. It is in your hands and these tops will be there for your family for generations.