Vessel Sinks


Our line of vessel sinks began with this design.  We call it our bread baker vessel because it was created using the inspiration of a vessel that was placed in the oven to bake bread.  The shape allows this sink to work with the broad shoulders of a man and at the same time it can fit in a space that isn’t quite big enough for the standard depth cabinet and sink combination.  For instance, if you have a new powder room that has now been squeezed into your historic home and you can only fit a 12-15 inch deep cabinet in the space and still be able to feel comfortable this is the sink we made just for you.  This same shape can be made as what we call a partial vessel where only 2″ of the sink sits above the countertop or as an undermount sink.  We have also set this sink off to the side and on an angle to make the most of your countertop space.   If you like to think out of the box let us assure you we can talk that talk.




img_4830Let a creative person alone with a computer design program and the desire to have fun and this is what you come up with.  We are proud to offer a very fun sink that to some will seem like a crazy design and not practical.  That is one way to look at creativity but it’s not our way.  We want to inspire you to dream and make your space the talk the party.  You never really want to have the same thing as everyone else but somehow that line is longer than the line that thinks right brain so we go safe.  If this sink gets you excited then choose it.







3-of-our-vesselsThese are our 3 most popular sink shapes today.  All three are shown as vessel bowls but can be created to be a partial vessel or undermount sinks.  The large bread baker dimensions are 21 1/4 x 13 1/4 x 6.  The small bread baker is 17 1/4 x 10 3/8 x 6 and the round bowl is 16 or 17 inch round with the height of 7 inches.  These sinks look nice on an old dresser that you are repurposing to work as a vanity.  The best height for this dresser is 30 inches tall, any higher and you might feel like it is too uncomfortable to wash your hands in, unless your are 6’2″ tall.

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