Soapstone Kitchen Countertops in Exton, PA

Installations of soapstone by the craftsmen of Bucks County Soapstone Company are scattered throughout the region.  Every installation is preceded by a visit to our beautiful showroom in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.  It’s at this time that everything you hoped soapstone would be is realized in person.  The feel of soapstone to your touch and to the way you just perceive the environment is warm and welcoming.  True, soapstone starts out as a slab of natural quarried material but we turn it into something very tactile and enduring.  Your soapstone countertops will long outlive the color choices you make for your walls today.  No worries, soapstone allows you to change to any color without clashing.  You really need to consider this because you probably have changed your mind on color at least once in your life.  Even styles don’t conflict with soapstone, Shaker, Country, Contemporary, Craftsman, Victorian, Primitive, Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse, soapstone is at home in any one.  

soapstone kitchen countertops exton paRecently customers in Exton, PA selected this slab from our company inventory.  This slab shows the upper left corner with mineral oil applied then the light grey color is the natural condition of the stone.  The remainder of the slab is simply wet with water, the water will soon evaporate and the stone will once again turn the light grey color.  

Scott always recommends that you apply our mineral oil twice a week for a month and then just let it go.  What will happen is the stone will stay darker in the areas where you do all your cooking and food prep and it will gradually fade to lighter as you approach the clean up area of your kitchen.  This makes for a countertop that tells a story.  Of course anytime you want the stone to look all uniform, all you have to do is pullout the oiled cloth you store in a zip lock bag and do a quick touch up.  Installations of soapstone can have any look you want.  Just because Scott says that is what he likes doesn’t mean it is what you like.  The good thing about soapstone is you can have it look dark all the time, or dark and light.  

However you like your soapstone to look you have a lot of company.  The great thing is something that starts as a slab you select turns into a wonderful part of your home.



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