Soapstone countertops are the most tactile and enduring choice for your kitchen, bath and bar surfaces.  The feel is unmatched, it feels like you took your favorite cotton T-shirt and stretched it tight over a piece of wood.  Cotton is called “the fabric of our lives,” maybe soapstone is the countertop of our lives.  The number one product of Bucks County Soapstone is countertops and if you are fortunate enough to live in our full service area we will visit your home, do an incredibly accurate template and return to the shop to begin the process of crafting your counters, sinks and backsplashes.  One week from the day we template our talented installation crew will arrive to finish off your kitchen with our beautiful products.

If you live further away and would like to have us make your countertop that’s fine too, we ship countertops all over America.  We just need a plywood template (we will talk you through the process, video coming soon) so your results will be amazing.  After we process your information and have final approval we are usually able to have your tops ready to ship or for you to pick up in 2 weeks time.  We supply all the necessary seam adhesives for you to have success.

Soapstone countertops and a soapstone sink are incredible together.  Imagine having your countertop material and your sink being a perfect match.  What we mean is, if you are getting one of our hand-built sinks, we use the exact same slab of soapstone to make your sink as we do for your countertops.  These sinks are tongue and grooved together with the bottom of the sink tapered toward the drain.  Be sure to visit our video section to see how we build your sink.  

There are those uninformed voices out there that try to persuade you that you should “do like everyone else and just get granite.”  When these voices come from someone who should be in-the-know it is not surprising anymore.  We have heard just about every misconstrued and uninformed comment we could imagine.  It give us great delight to be able to set the record straight right in front of your very eyes when you take the step to visit our showroom.  

When we get to hear these nuggets of misinformation that fly around, we treat them like gold.  Having the inside scoop on the countertop gossip is sweet.  We get to assemble some props and let the story be told with a minimum of words unless you want words, then we are happy to use them as well.  If you watch our latest video (care and maintenance) you could turn down the sound and know just what’s going on.  

If you would like an estimate please fill out the form along with a simple dimensioned drawing and we will be back to you in 1 working day.

Soapstone is an amazing product and it comes into all of its glory when the craftsmen of Bucks County Soapstone have their way with it.


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