Block Sinks

In 2005 we began the search for blocks of soapstone to allow us to carve solid sinks.  It was just something we wanted to do but we wanted to do it with precision and repeatability.  We knew this wasn’t going to be a task that we would be able to do by hand but that was the only way it was currently being done.  So the journey began, we researched machinery and tooling and the companies that made these items for the stone trade.  We knew we needed a machine that was well built, heavy duty and one that was ready to be tested to do what we were going to ask of it.  At the Stone Industry Show that year we found the machine that seemed ready for the challenge and were assured this was the best machine available to do what we were looking to do.

We made the purchase and began the journey to make our dream sinks.  There were a lot of tests and machine failures along the way but after 2 years we were finally able to consistently produce these beauties.  Along the way we have learned many lessons and made beautiful sinks with soasptone from different places around the world.  It has been rewarding and fulfilling to hear and see your reactions to these water vessels.  This knowledge has taken us into more ways to make our soasptone products even more desireable than they ever had been in the past.

That pretty much defines our company, we are driven to be Makers of Things Extraordinary.

As you look at the sinks in this section we hope you are as overwhelmed by their beauty as we are.

Bow Slant Front Sink

Matt Villano Photography

This sink is known as our Bow/Slant Block Sink.  The best way to use words to describe this sink to you is to have you imagine you made a rectangular sink out of clay and then placed both of your hands on the center of the top edge and then pulled toward you.  When you look at the front of the sink, the two side and the bottom have remained unchanged but the sink has a curvature that makes it very pleasing in appearance.  We have taken this sink to other levels by adding recessed panels or personalized carvings of words or items of significance to our customers.  Grapevines, foxes, roosters, celtic designs are just some of the meaningful additions we have given to your sinks.

Every single one of these sinks is a work of art, the movement of veins and content of minerals found is always a surprise.  It is a thing of beauty to see a block of stone be transformed into a water vessel that will grace your home with a tactile presence for years to come.


Slant front Block Sink

52 The Slant Front Block Sink we have created here is the first variation from a straight front sink dating back to the 19th century.  Bucks County Soasptone will make this design in either a ONE PIECE sink or a HAND-BUILT sink.  Looking to move from a straight line-up of cabinetry?  This sink will help you to do that.
In today’s world you will see a lot of designs with the sink base cabinet being pulled out 2-3 inches to make the area more interesting.  Using any of our APRON FRONT sinks will do that for you without the problem of stubbing your toes.  (show a photo of a design with a sink cabinet pulled out)If your home is from the 1800’s a slant front sink will fit in beautifully, however if you are trying to honor the time period with your sink you would be better suited for a sink from our HAND-BUILT Collection.  There is a little bit of ergonomic consideration in the slant front sink as it allows most of us to use our waist hinge a bit more to lift things out of the sink instead of needing to muscle a full pot out with just your arms.Options:  We can add a simple recessed panel to the front of your sink, or you can add a carving or saying or just simply scoop the top edge.  We always have something more to offer you.Let’s say you know the date your historic home was built, how about carving a “c.1847” into the bottom right corner?  Or maybe your farmhouse was or is a part of a property that was known as “Deerfield Acres” or “Seven Corners Farm”.  That would be really cool to carve into your sink front or maybe a Range Splash.  Those are tidbits of information that are great to remember and pass on no matter who the next homeowner will be.Our Slant front block sink is a timeless design that slants 2″ from top to bottom.  The standard dimensions of this sink that do not change are 18 1/2 front to back, outside to outside at the bottom and 20 1/2 front to back, outside to outside at the top.  These sinks are all 10″ deep (tall) outside to outside.  In widths we make them in 3″ increments from 24″ to 42″.  All bottoms are tapered toward the drain and they require a kitchen drain with a deeper thread because the sink bottom is 1 1/2 thick.

Straight Front Block Sink

lowellswartleyshowroomshots 003 Here she is,  Old Faithful,  the ancestral matriarch of soapstone water vessels.  This STRAIGHT FRONT sink, carved from a solid block of soapstone is a copy of the Hand-Built sink that we came to love first.  Used in biology and chemistry labs as well as outside washing stations this sink design is the most basic and primitive of all.  Looking to keep a simple, minimalist clean look?  I think you will agree, this one will fit the bill and all the while maintain a presence in the room without calling out for any attention at all, until you touch its surface.  All of the products we build come with the incredibly tactile, Bucks County Soapstone finish.  Whenever our soapstone is present there are always opportunities to watch people’s hands, always moving over the surfaces, especially the edges.  It just makes us smile.
Can you customize her?  You sure can, she dresses up real nice.  All the options we offer on any of our products is available.







Double Bowl Sink


A double sink is a rather rare item in these parts but we do make them.  Our opinion is that it works better to have a single bowl sink and then when needed put a rubbermaid dish pan or two and place them in the sink when you need two bowls.  When done, just put them away again and have the convenience of a wonderful big sink.  This double bowl sink has a lower partition that makes it a bit more workable with large pots and pans.  Please notice this is a 39 to 42 wide sink.






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