Bucks County Soapstone Company

About Bucks County Soapstone

A picture of our location in downtown Perkasie


Bucks County Soapstone has it’s roots in the cabinetmaking trade. This exacting trade has definitely contributed to the fit and finish that sets us apart from other stone fabricators. At this stage of our development we offer our services using the most technically advanced devices, operated by highly skilled workers who have the desire to be the best. All of this is so we can meet the high standards we have set for ourselves to serve you and make the experience one you will enjoy.

A visit to our facility will expose you to many things. You will meet our staff, see the showroom as well as all the options available at Bucks County Soapstone. Then if you are set on soapstone and have a template and installation scheduled you can select the actual slabs we will use for your project. Visitors always tell us that they are so glad they came to see us and how it was so “impressive to see our showroo.”

Our team consists of fellow church members, family members, school mates and kids we coached. We all have a great deal in common and this common thread is vital to our success.



A word about Saturdays.

Most Saturdays we have appointments, so usually someone is here from 9am to Noon.  The reason we make appointments on Saturday is to accommodate those of you who cannot make it out to see us during the week.  By offering appointments we can be sure to spend quality time with you. That being said, if you haven’t made an appointment and you simply want to see the showroom please just give Scott a call (cell 267-718-7605) and we’ll see if we can work something out.  

Treasuring our families, it is our desire to spend weekends(starting at noon on Saturday) at home with them. 

Thank you,
Scott Seuren