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Our Backsplash Options

Backsplash options and heightsThe folk art design is engraved in a ½” thick 12 x 12 tile. Beaded Board look in soapstone is one of our latest ideas, this really looks great installed.

We are showing 3 different heights and 2 thicknesses of backsplash. The one closest to the beaded board is 1 1/4” thick and 4 inches tall, we see this used less and less every passing day. The preference is to use a 2” or 3” tall splash, milled down to ¾” thick. You can see the 2” high splash in the front has a bead on the top edge. This really helps to make your kitchen look like furniture. When you see an old hutch you will notice it has this same detail and without it the piece of furniture just wouldn’t look the same.


Backsplash options









Comparing a wood bead backsplash to a soapstone bead backsplashThe first photo shows a lumber yard beaded board with black over red distressed painted finish.  This photo has a 2” tall beaded wood splash.  We really feel like this type of splash makes your cabinetry look like furniture, all because of the beaded splash.  If you hover your mouse over this photo you will see that same backsplash with a 2” soapstone beaded splash.  You can use this soapstone splash in combination with ceramic or soapstone tiles too.  In the “old days” going back to the 20th century, late 1990’s the trend was to take the tile splash right down to your countertop.  I feel that this has changed since most kitchens have more of a furniture type feel.


A wood beadbord backsplash compared to a stone beadboard backsplash


In our showroom you will see both of these options on display.  The wood beaded board is really a nice detail and we have seen a lot of people use this over the last several years.  Again if you would like the see our soapstone beaded board just move your mouse over the image and it will change.