Bucks County Soapstone Company

Soapstone Block Sinks

Bucks County Soapstone manufactures these sinks in our own facility in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. They are not imported. We alone offer these configurations and our lead time is typically 3-4 weeks.

Two compartment Slant Front Block Sink

Double bowl block sink


This block sink shows two equal compartments, we can make either one smaller for you.  Be careful though with a double bowl sink.  You don’t want to end up with two bowls that are too small to do what you need to do.  Probably that reason alone is why 95 % of the sinks we build are single bowl sinks.  Having a sink that will fit those large items that always need to be hand washed will really make sense over the long haul. 



Slant front Block Sink with scoop

Franklin island sink with slant front and bow.


This is another sink we build because our customers requested it so often.  All of our block sinks have 1 1/8” radiused interior corners.  We will build your sink with a standard drain in the center or we can place it off center.  Why off center?  Suppose you are accustomed to having your trash can located in the sink base cabinet and you want to add a garbage disposal.  The garbage disposal may get in the way of your trash can so by simply asking to have your drain set off center you will gain valuable space in your sink base cabinet.  The scooped top is a nice feature that you probably have to see in person to fully appreciate.



Bow/Slant Block Sink

The slant front sink with bow alone and installed.

Our Bow/Slant front sink shown with a scooped top. This photo allows you to see the bow of the sink as well as our 1 1/8” radiused interior corners.  You can have a few different looks with this sink by changing how it sits in the cabinet.

We build this sink in 3" increments from 27" to 42" 




Bow front with slant


Notice by this photo that the cabinet on each side of the sink has anice horizontal molding that projects about ¾” past the front of the cabinet frame, in this case the sink is pulled out to the same plane as that molding and the sink blends beautifully with the cabinet.  The sink can also be placed in the cabinet so it is flush with the face frame (inset doors) or with the doors on a full overlay cabinet. 



Solid block slant front sink with scoop

Solid black slant front sink with scoop






Not understanding what we mean when we say Scooped Top sink?  I thought so, how about a good  close-up to help you get the picture.  Remember these sinks are all made in good ole Perkasie, Pennsylvania USA by Bucks County Soapstone craftsmen.








Puzzle Sink

Bucks County Soapstone's Puzzle Sink


Yes, this is a sink carved from a solid block in the shape of a puzzle.   Why?  Just because we can.

“Imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions.” 

-Albert Einstein



Wine Cooler Sink

Wine cabinet with block sink



Our wine cooler is just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  Recessed into the countertop of this wine center is our beautiful new 4 bottle wine cooler, the inside dimensions are 7.5 diameter x 10 deep.  Each cooler has a drain that can be plumbed or just allowed to run into a portable Rubbermaid container placed under the drain.  Notice the Celtic knot carved into the door panels of the cabinet, that’s what I was referring to when I said just in time for St. Patrick’s day……. what did you think I meant.