Bucks County Soapstone Company

False Front Sink Modification and Installation

Cabinet before being modified



The first step in building a false front sink for you is to remove the false fronts from the cabinetry.  You can see that both the top rail and the center stile will need to be removed.


Taped cabinet before cutting




In order to protect the finish of your cabinetry we will apply blue masking tape for the saw to run across.


Finished modified cabinet




The  stile and rail are removed and all cabinetry modifications are complete.


Fully modified cabinet from the top




We now attach a 2 x 4 on the inside of each cabinet end down 10” from the top of your cabinet.


The sink being fitted into the cabinet



We built this sink from a solid block, the interior corners are rounded.  Don’t expect anyone else to even think about doing this for you.  To take it a few steps further, this is our bow/slant sink with the false front.


Finished sink and countertops



That is the beautiful result.  Keep in mind we built this sink as well as the countertops all in one week from the day we took our digital template of the countertops.