Bucks County Soapstone Company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is soapstone available in a variety of colors?

We offer Brazilian Soapstone from three different quarries.  People tell us about other colors they have heard about but they are primarily used for sculpting and carving due to their softness.  When the stone is first oiled it looks very green, after the initial application of mineral oil this color will never appear again.  Over a period of about 3 months most stone will turn to a charcoal color.


Photo of our seams


What do seams look like?  How do you join them?

Our seams are about 3/32 of an inch wide, we sand them flush so you can't feel the seam. We use epoxy to join our seams together.  There is a seam at this cooktop cutout. 



Doug using our templating systemWhat does a template look like and could I make it myself and save some money?

We have entered the 21st Century! Doug Teter our resident templating expert and fine craftsman will record your countertop information into his laptop computer using a Faro Digitizer.  This information is then transferred to another program and we are ready to cut your tops precisely and in a timely fashion.  Most of the jobs we do are installed within 1 (ONE) week of the day we template.  Compare that with the "other countertop guys."

I have heard people say they do or don't make templates, what are they, and do you make them?

Yes, we do make templates because it will give you the best quality installation.  It is essentially a pattern. We feel a template is vital to a good job.



Photo of a soapstone slab



What size slabs do you work with?

We bring in large slabs, usually 54" x 99-102"  by the container load and cut from that size.





Application of mineral oil


How often do I have to oil the stone?

We recommend that you apply our mineral oil to your tops twice a week for the first three weeks and then once a week for three applications and after that once a month.  You will notice that you can stretch that out to about once a quarter later on.  The areas around the sink may need to be touched up more often.  If you follow our tip and put your cotton application cloth in a zip lock bag, you can just pull that out and do quick touch ups.