Bucks County Soapstone Company

Soapstone Inlays

Flower inlaid island



This island is always a big hit at shows.  The cabinet was built by Scott Seuren with the intention of slowing people down long enough to appreciate its message.  The carvings on the four sides are Integrity, Forgiveness, Friendship and Loyalty.  We could all do with a bit more of these in our lives, right.  We think the combination of the cabinet and the inlay are soothing to the soul.

Flower inlayed floor

This inlaid floor is actually taken from a quilt pattern.  Quilt designs work really well because they are intended to be made using several pieces of contrasting materials.  This design can then be carried out from the floor to a countertop to tiles used for backsplash.  Another way to set your project apart.

Two photos of our rose inlay in our bathroom.





Our Guest powder room revealed…a rose inlay featuring all parts of soapstone slabs.  The rose pedals and stem  are cut from veins and pieced together like a quilt.  Make sure you see this in person during your upcoming visit.  Drag the mouse cursor over this photo for a close up look.