Bucks County Soapstone Company

Maintenance and Care

Daily Cleaning:

For daily cleaning feel free to use dishwashing liquid (Palmolive, Dove, Joy etc). Any cleaner you want to use is acceptable however if the cleaner cuts the mineral oil you will notice that area go “GREY” sooner than the rest of the tops.


Application of mineral oil:

- Clean cotton cloth to apply oil and a clean cloth to wipe off excess.

- This process is simply wipe on, then wipe off. We recommend that you apply oil to the entire top before wiping off the excess.

- After the first application, put the cotton cloth in a zip lock bag to use next time.


How often should mineral oil be applied?

Most stone will need to be oiled twice the first week. The oil is evaporating from the stone, it is not soaking in.

- Twice a week first three weeks.
- Once a week for three weeks.
- Bi weekly three times.
- Once a month after that.

How will I know when it is time to oil the tops? When the stone gets more towards a light grey color. After you have the stone awhile you will know when its time to oil. It becomes more of a personal preference than anything else.

What about when I scratch my tops? Just take 150 grit sandpaper followed by 220 sandpaper over the scratch. It will quickly disappear. Then take out your zip lock bag with the cotton cloth enclosed and give it a quick touch up. This entire process should take about ONE MINUTE.

Quick tip: After applying mineral oil using a cotton cloth, put the cloth in a zip lock bag for future use.

If you would like to order our specially formulated Mineral Oil it is available for $10 if you pick it up in our showroom and $15 if we ship it to you per 1 quart bottle. It is much easier to apply than the thick consistency of standard drug store mineral oil.

How to sand out scratches:

Scratch in soapstoneScratch in soapstone
Since soapstone is a soft stone we want you to know they can scratch. However, with soapstone many scratches will disappear with a spot application of mineral oil. No other countertop material repairs as easily as soapstone.
Sand the scratchSanding scratch out
If the scratch does not disappear take 120 sandpaper and sand the scratch out. Then make a spot application of mineral oil. With soapstone, removal of a scratch and the application of mineral oil will take 5 to 10 minutes.
Sanded Scratch
Sanded out scratch
After some minor sanding the scratch is gone. Now all you need to do is remove the dust and apply our Mineral Oil. If you used my recommendation you can just whip out the cotton cloth you have stored in the zip lock bag and you're done in a flash.
Apply Mineral Oil
Applying Oil
Applying our specially formulated mineral oil brings out the hidden beauty of Bucks County Soapstone. Notice the previously unnoticed spots and veining.