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How to measure for a sink

First of all let us assure you that we make every kitchen sink right here in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Let’s try to make this easy to understand. If you are only looking to purchase a sink what we need to know from you is what width do you need and what height will work best for you and your cabinetry.

  • Photo of measuring a sinkThe width of your sink is determined by opening the doors to your sink cabinet and measuring from the inside of the face frame on the left to the inside of the face frame on the right. For example, if your sink base cabinet is 36” wide and the face frame is 1 ½” wide on each side, your sink should be 33” wide.

  • Photo of measuring a sink



  • To get the height of your sink we want to know the dimension from the top of your cabinet (not countertop) to the top of the cross rail of your sink base cabinet. This is usually 9 or 10 inches high.