Bucks County Soapstone Company

Vessel Bowl Sinks

Group of vessel bowl sinksIt’s official, these beautiful one of a kind vessel bowls are now available.  The large bread baker sizes are 21” long x 13 ½” deep x 6” tall, it sells for $1,200.00.  The small bread baker sizes are 17” long x 11 deep x 6” tall, it sells for $1,050.00 and the Round vessel is 17” in diameter and 5” tall and sells for $950.00. 

The two in the back are shapes we have never seen for a sink.  These two are crafted after the old bread baker bowl shape.  They are two different sizes and work really well in those really cramped powder rooms some of you are “enjoying.”


Bread baker sinkThis is our small Bucks County Bread Baker Vessel Bowl Sink, the dimensions are 17” wide  x 11” front to back and  6” tall.  Besides being beautiful, this sink is it is small enough to fit that “way too tight space”.  You are able to have a vanity or stand but trying to get an out of the catalog sink to fit is nearly impossible let alone ending up with a sink big enough to be able to wash your hands in.  Many old farmhouses and pre-bathroom and closet houses are blessed with a powder room the size of a small closet.  That is why we designed this sink. 


Breadbaker partial vessel sink

Top mount Bread Baker Sink.  We designed this sink for Scott, he had a vanity he built like 15 years ago that he still thinks is new.  The top of the vanity was already 35” tall so we gave him a partial vessel bowl in the shape he loved.  It really does make his “new” 15 year old cabinet look good.  There is a photo below of what it looks like in the countertop.

Round, shallow vessel sink



This beautiful round vessel bowl sink is artwork.  The graceful top edge is thin enough to be elegant and substantial enough to stand up to use.  This sink is 17” in diameter and 5” tall.

Vessel sink with a lip



This sink looks best as an under-mount.  It is 17” diameter on the outside of the flange and 6 ½” tall.  This sink is manufactured in Brazil.

Funky square vessel bowl sinkCarved from a solid block and keeping the shape of the block while adding steep slopes on the interior and exterior.  This sink can work in any motif, the dimensions are 23 ½ x 17 ¾ x 5 ½. See how we personalized the backsplash?  We can do that for you too, say anything you want on your backsplash.  My family has a saying in our home “When mamma ain’t happy; ain’t nobody happy” and its other half “When papa ain’t happy; ain’t nobody cares."  Cruel but true.


Soapstone vessel bowl sink